Sewing Classes

We offer two different sewing classes for adults: 

the Starter Sewing Class is our 5 hours basic class suitable for absolute beginners and

the Freestyle Sewing Class, which fits people with some experience and their own projects.

Both sewing classes are available several times per week

StarterThursday 6 – 8.30pm | 2 dates  

                Saturday 3 – 8pm | 1 date

Freestyle: Tuesday 6 – 9pm

                   Wednesday and Thursday 10am-1pm


You will work in small groups (maximum three persons) in our open workshop, where we provide sewing machines, tools and patterns - and of course our know-how! In the shop you will find a selection of fine fabrics and ingredients, which we calculate at the end of the course according to consumption. But you are welcome to bring your own fabrics, materials and patterns as well and if you wish, your sewing machine. So, actually you don‘t have to bring anything just yourself!

You can book your sewing class online and pay with Paypal or credit card, or you pass by in our shop, where you can pay cash or by card.


If you have a couple of friends and you want to spend an evening together by sewing up some nice things, please let us know. We are happy to plan your very special sewing event.

Please drop us a line!

We also offer sewing classes for kids, please click here to learn more about.

Danke für Ihre Anmeldung!